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Hey, Neverlandians! As we all know, the Peter & Wendy team is raising money for Season 2 and I’m probably going to be talking about all that so much it’ll make you guys want to claw your eyeballs out. But I want to see if we can show our love for this show in more ways than donations. Next Saturday at 8 PM EST, anyone who wants to do so can join me in a Tinychat room (the link to be announced later) for a full marathon of Season 1, along with a possible screening of another Peter Pan adaption (if the stars align) and just having a fun time commemorating and celebrating this amazing show. Anyone is welcome and all this week and next week, I’ll be making gifsets, graphics, and all sorts of goodies leading up to the marathon. If you’d like to notify me that you’re coming, please drop an ask in my inbox (off-anon would be appreciated so I can answer you privately) and stay tuned for more updates!

I don’t want to party crash (I would totally understand if you don’t want me lurking around!)… but can I come too?

Writing Blog Tour 2: Telling Godzilla from Godzilla

Previously: the never-ending in-development list

How does my work differ from others of its genre?


I… have no idea??? I mean, if we want to talk about poetry specifically here. I haven’t been formally trained in poetry in many many many years, and I don’t read as widely as I’d like (especially young poets).

I guess, if anything, that’s how my work differs—I’m incredibly far outside what you might call the poetry world. I’m a trained literary critic, a professional screenwriter, and a multi-platform storyteller. I think in packages, in projects, in three-act arcs, in film images and fanfic tropes. I try to put all that in the poems. The difference might be Godzilla ‘99 versus Godzilla ‘03, but it’s what I know and it’s how I work.

On a broader level, if my work differs, it’s because I’m interested in a fairly specific combination of things (though not, like, unique). Among them, women, female friendships, the power of stories, the power of film, communities that gather around stories, different ways of being strong, what it means to be a monster, how we process trauma, how we process love, worlds of hyperrealist cool etc etc. 

(Like, okay, for example my Les Mis fanfic is a wish fulfillment story about a noncanonical queer relationship and the mythic romance of touring with a band, but it is also about the various ways that people deal with long-past trauma—how it changes them, how it shapes them, how it can dictate what they do or feel. Do you flee, do you freeze, do you fight?)

I don’t necessarily think any of that is different from what anyone else is doing, it’s just my specific little constellation of things that i pull together and make a universe out of. 

At the end of the day, I’m not interested in figuring out how I ~stand out~ from other writers. I’m just interested in telling you a story.

TOMORROW! This is how the monsters call to me, or: why I write what I do


Emma Approved, blatant wallowing episode 65: Then and now.

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Writing Blog Tour 1: The never-ending in-development list

Hi hello!

The lovely and immensely talented Gale Marie Thompson (soldier-on) tagged me to take part in a really cool writing blog tour. I love her work and am fascinated by her process, and I feel like I have learned so many things just from getting to know her.

(My number one example, which is not something Gale has ever vocalized but which sunk in when she let me read “Helen, or my hunger,” is that you have to make your book look and feel like a book, even when it isn’t finished. It’s incredibly motivating to have a manuscript that looks like a manuscript.)

I’m going to break my answers up into 4 posts - one per answer - over the course of the week.

So! To begin:

1. What am I working on? 

Ahhhhh, this question. This can of worms question. Really, it’s more like what am I not working on? I am a notorious project starter and a much less consistent project finisher. Earlier this summer I actually sat down and made an “in development” projects list, just so I could try to keep straight all the things I’m halfway done with (or less).


There’s Prairie Underworld, the movie I’m co-writing with signalsfromsaturn (I won’t tell you the plot, but it’s fucking awesome). There’s the 50k Les Mis fanfic that I’m very nearly done with (2.5 chapters left to go!!!!!). There’s the novel I’m dying to write about a mermaid who goes to college. There’s the long poem about abjection and Philadelphia that I will one day finish, I swear to everything holy, if only so I can say, sure, i met anthony bourdain, but a year before that, i wrote about masturbating while watching him slaughter a pig on tv :)))

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