EA1 is Looking for a YouTube Channel Manager!




Everybody at Once (EA1) is a small, fun, bootstrapped company founded in 2013, renowned for strategic audience development with the most interesting brands in media and entertainment. We are currently a team of 5 full-time staff (plus a handful of contractors) based in the Lower East Side who are all passionate about fan communities, animated gifs, and poptarts.

We are looking for a contractor to perform short term YouTube channel management for one of our TV network clients for 12 weeks, starting immediately. The work would take about 20 hours a week and would entail:

  • Programming & scheduling content for the channel

  • Preparing all uploads for publishing including video copy, metadata, & annotations

  • Creating & managing channel playlists

  • Maintaining community through interacting with & responding to fan comments and videos

  • Monitoring discussions for key brands/titles/talent, including fan uploads

  • Tracking new creative endeavors & gathering content internally at The Network

  • Reviewing YouTube analytics/statistics for internal reports

  • Collecting stories about brand resonance and content performance for internal reports

  • Developing key content and messaging in conjunction with the Social Media team for distribution and amplification

  • Joining and participating in internal Network meetings to provide updates and stay on top of content development

The ideal candidate has experience managing and maintaining an active YouTube channel. YouTube Certification a plus but not necessary. Though this engagement is short-term, there is potential for recurring work or longer-term engagements for the right fit.

As the work entails working closely with staff at EA1’s office in the Lower East Side and the client’s office in midtown Manhattan, applicants must reside in New York City.

Interested? Send us a resumé and a link to any active YouTube channels you manage (or have managed) here.

We’re hiring.

Reblogging this job for my NYC friends cause this looks like a damn cool job.



The people who viewed my book have excellent taste.

omg! Good taste, Amazon buyers. (You can also preorder the book from our website tho. Amazon is not mandatory, haha.)

From Feels to Skills: Putting Fandom on Your Resume - Geek Girl Con 2014

For those who couldn’t attend, we recorded the entire panel! And check out the Storify as well, which has a link to the awesome worksheet created by laureninspace.



I’m really offended that there isn’t any Hero at the End of the World fic yet. 

me too

Geek Girl Con 2014!

Come check out our rad panel this weekend:

From Feels to Skills: Putting Fandom on Your Resume

Time: Sunday, 10/12, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
Location: RM204

You may not think that all those hours spent devouring Johnlock fanfic or painstakingly editing your Tumblr gif-set mean much outside of fandom, but you’re actually learning all kinds of skills that can make you stand out as a job candidate. Join a group of fans who’ve turned their passions into career assets for this interactive look at ways your fandom is building your resume.

About the panelists:


At Power To The Pixel in London

CALL FOR PAPERS: PCA/ACA 2015 panel on fanfiction as literature


Do you write about fanfiction as literature? I’m looking for 2-3 papers that examine representative pieces of fanfiction using close reading, literary theory, and/or any of the other staples of English as a Profession, to join a panel proposal for PCA/ACA 2015

Email abstracts (250 words) and a short bio to Alexandra Edwards - kingsley@uga.edu - by October 15, 2014. 

Reblogging because I’m still looking for abstracts! Let me know if you have any questions. 



Pre-orders are now open for A Hero At The End Of The World by Erin Claiborne!

A Hero At The End Of The World is a hilarious and gripping combination of YA fantasy adventure, queer romance, and political satire. Written by Erin Claiborne (eleveninches) and illustrated by Jade Liebes (hydrae), it’s the first novel from Big Bang Press, which publishes original fiction by authors from the fanfic community.

"As a teenager, Ewan Mao was prophesied to save Britain from an evil tyrant — but chickened out at the last moment. Instead, his best friend Oliver Abrams ended up defeating the villain. Five years later, Oliver is a national hero while Ewan works at a coffee shop and still lives with his parents. But the two friends are unwillingly reunited when a magical cult targets Ewan in a plot to end the world.”

You can now pre-order A Hero At The End Of The World in ebook and paperback, from our website and from Amazon.com!

For more information about this book (including professional reviews and praise from other authors), its author and Big Bang Press in general, check out our website.

WE JUST LAUNCHED PRE-ORDERS FOR ERIN’S BOOK!! I’m so excited! The ebooks were sent out to Kickstarter backers earlier this week, and now anyone can order an ebook or paperback copy from Amazon or the Big Bang Press website! :D




I nearly cried ;____;


We just sent out the ebooks for YA fantasy satire A Hero At The End Of The World, written by Erin Claiborne (eleveninches) and illustrated by Jade Liebes (hydrae). Everyone who ordered an ebook on Kickstarter should now have received their copy from Big Bang Press!

For more info on this book (including orders and pre-orders for the public release), check out our website.

Twitter/Tumblr hashtag to make it easier to talk about the book: #HeroBBP

And please rate/review on Goodreads


Where I’ll be at GGC:

There are goona be so many awesome panels at Geek Girl Con on the 11th and 12th I’ve had to make a detailed schedule to follow!

So far I’m planning on attending the following Panels:


10:00 Geek Girl Transformation to Geek Mom. Room 302.

12:00 Feminist Community Building. Room 301.

2:00 The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek, One Geek at a Time. Room LL3.

3:00 21st Century Boys: Slash in the Mainstream. Room 302.

4:00 ***Queerbaiting in Genre Television*** Room 302 <—-This one’s mine and it’s gonna rock!

5:00 Fandom and the Media (possibly - I may need a nap by this point) Room 301.


10:00 From Feels to Skills: Putting Fandom on Your Resume. Room 204

11:00 Geek Elders Speak: How Media Fandom Empowered Women in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Room 303.

Other wise I’ll be wandering the floor, makin’ trouble. The usual.

panels you definitely shouldn’t miss!