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An illustration from YA fantasy satire A Hero at the End of the World, written by Erin Claiborne (eleveninches) and illustrated by Jade Liebes (hydrae).

This pic is Lady Louise Gardener Hobbes! She’s definitely a cult leader and almost certainly wants to take over the world. The author’s ideal headcanon for her is Emma Thompson, who would obviously be GREAT casting for an aristocratic supervillain.

A Hero at the End of the World will be published on November 11, 2014 by Big Bang Press, a publisher which specializes in original fiction by talented authors from the fanfic community. Follow our Tumblr or Twitter pages for more info about our books, including pre-order details! 

I gasped aloud when I first saw the color versions of Jade’s illustrations.

'Emma Approved' On YouTube Is Filled With Awesome Fashion And Jane Austen Sensibilities | Bustle

The characters are always dressed to a T, but it’s not the kind of often-unaccessible fashion you see in TV and film: Most of the (very) cute dresses, vintage-inspired blouse and skirt ensembles are from sources that are sure to be very familiar to the show’s young demographic — ModCloth, Lulu’s, and Darling.

Emma Approved Episode 72-After All (Couples Edition!)

Emma Approved - The finale, the team, and the future?


Almost every question in my inbox right now is about Emma Approved season 2 - there’s a short explanation at the end (and a longer one coming later) but for now some thoughts.


So we’ve reached the end of Emma Approved or rather, we got to the end of the book. Emma and Knightley admitted…


B-Mart and Harriet

With so little time to commit to drawing since I got my job, I still make time to do small things like this. :) when I get more time this weekend I will do a cleaner version, but for now, enjoy my favorite couple of Emma Approved.

This episode was beautiful and I really hope they get a season 2. I was so pleased with how this episode went.

I love these two so, so much. *sniffle*

dayebraham_lincolnDid we break the internet? #makeitcrane! 😁 #emmaapproved

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