Loved the character interaction between emmaapproved's Emma Woodhouse and thelbdofficial's Caroline Lee? 

Nominate Joanna Sotomura and Jessica Andres for Best Collaboration! 

LeakyCon 2014 | Pemberley Digital

11am – 11:40am | The Evolution of Interactive Storytelling with Pemberley Digital | W109 

Head Writer Bernie Su and Transmedia Producer Alexandra Edwards will be walking through all the magic that goes into making our shows happen – story design, interactive strategies, workflow, etc.

Added bonus – Bernie’s doing Q&A!

come hang out and chat with us about interactive storytelling!

what wild secrets will bernie reveal? what exclusive giveaway will i make the day before i arrive? will they let me hold up a sign that says #SPOILERS??


Welcome to the climax of the show. Enjoy your stay.


This always me makes me laugh.  I do adore Emma and Alex.

Boxx is Emma Approved




who’s checking the inbox? :)

idk did you email it???

I didn’t, but somebody else may have :)

ahahaha well played


Untz, untz, untz, untz…


tea vs coffee

Boxx is Emma Approved





I’m thrilled to announce that Emma Approved is planning the official opening forBoxx– the hottest celebrity-owned restaurant opening this summer. This world-class farm-to-table establishment is non-GMO, organic, all-natural, sustainable and seasonal, and a portion of their revenue goes to environmental charities.

Our star-studded event will be taking place on July 23 at Boxx’s premiere location in the Hills, complete with decadent gourmet food and a stunning view of the city. Everyone from the Emma Approved offices will be attending, along with my friendFrank Churchill(for real this time) and some other notable guests. Not to give anything away, but I can guarantee that this will be a night to remember.

Check out Boxx’s website,, for more information.

oh look, a website……..

oh look………….

who’s checking the inbox? :)

idk did you email it???


Damn I just emailed the Boxx Hill address, and they really know what they’re doing. I’m impressed. You go PD! 



has anyone actually tried emailing