Hi and welcome to October on the blog!  This is always my favorite time of year.  It’s also the only blog feature that happens consistently, mostly because it’s my favorite feature.  If you haven’t been around before, October is the month I post art and media recommendations (and other tidbits) to suit the Halloween season.

Kicking things off this month, I want to recommend a brand new project by my friend Jay Bushman.  Airship Dracula reimagines a small piece of Bram Stoker’s classic book in a steampunk Victorian England.  But as Jay says, it’s “ultra-literal steampunk. Less brass filigree and more ‘what if they had an internet?’” It’s actually called the “Æthernet” and characters use it to send æthergrams (email) and check the Victorian version of Twitter (where hashtags use § instead of #).

Read more about Airship Dracula at my problog, where I fill every October with Halloween-themed art and media recommendations

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