Vintage Movie Monday: Dirty Dancing (1987)

Yesterday, while recovering from our exhausting but fun weekend at Wizard World Philly, Josh said the magic words to me: “I want to watch a movie from the 80s.  Like Dirty Dancing.”

Done and done!  DD is my hands-down, all-time favorite movie of ever, and I will always watch it.  Always.  From the era when, around 8 or 9 years old, I wore out our VHS copy watching it every week, to the time my college beffie bought it for me at Blockbuster because I was having a crappy week during freshman year, this movie owns my heart.

Rewatching it now, I’m surprised how well it stands up.  The plot is logical, the class issues are subtle yet effectively handled, and some of the most dramatic parts — like Penny’s illegal abortion — are given an excellent less-is-more treatment.  Better still, the soundtrack, equal parts 60s gems and 80s power ballads, actually works better now that nostalgia for both decades has set in.

Josh and I are notoriously difficult-to-please movie fans, but the only thing we took issue with was the unclear timeline.  Does the movie really happen in the last 3 weeks of the summer?

In the days of So You Think You Can Dance, the choreo in the final scene seems a little lackluster, but it’s executed well, and the sense of sheer fun still shines through.  The epic romance of it does too.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be lifted by 1980s Patrick Swayze?

Finally, here’s some random trivia for you: So You Think You Can Dance‘s resident disco choreographer, Doriana Sanchez, appears as a dirty dancer in the film.  Look for her in the polka-dot dress!

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