Residential Spread: A Podcast About College & Coronavirus

residential spread logo with review pull quote: "required listening if you want to understand the hellworld at the heart of our current university deathcult system."

Residential Spread is a weekly podcast about college and coronavirus that premiered in August of 2020. It is co-hosted by Alexandra Edwards, Corey Goergen, Molly Slavin, and Josh Cohen. We are term-limited contingent faculty teaching the humanities at Georgia Tech. Like other schools, Georgia Tech has experienced massive disruption, shifts, and changes due to the spread of coronavirus. But in the Fall of 2020, it students and instructors back into classrooms in a number of modified course delivery modes. On this show, we investigate the sources and consequences of those policies and discuss what it’s like to navigate higher ed during a pandemic as members of the precariat.

You can find Residential Spread on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor!

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