Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather #

A mother and daughter stand near a piano on a beach in a still from The Piano.

The feminizing of terra incognito was, from the outset, a strategy of violent containment–belonging in the realm of both psychoanalysis and political economy.

–Anne McClintock, Imperial Leather

Knowledge of the unknown world was mapped as a metaphysics of gender violence–not as the expanded recognition of cultural difference–and was validated by the new Enlightenment logic of private property and possessive individualism.

–Anne McClintock, Imperial Leather

In previous entries, I have marked certain words in bold font to suggest that they are important concepts for us to track. We call these “keywords,” words or short phrases that convey foundational ideas or important topics being addressed.

In this week’s reading, you’ll see some keywords in italics, and you may notice other core concepts related to our previous theory readings (there’s Foucault again!). Make a list of your own keywords for this week.

Open prompt: discuss any aspect of The Piano in relation to any aspect of Anne McClintock’s “The Lay of the Land.”