Collaborative Film Zine

Collaborative Film Zine #

Read the Zine! #

Women, Cinema, Nation film zine, shared with permission of the contributors.

Instructions #

In the final weeks of the course, we will plan and create a collaborative zine that showcases your creative and analytical work on a topic we’ve examined. This zine will serve as a record of our semester, a celebration of our intellectual community, and a chance for you each to dive deeper into a theoretical concept or film that speaks to you.

Begin by looking back at the weekly responses you have created so far. You may want to expand one of these, or even combine two or more into an in-depth examination. What theories most intrigued or vexed you? What film did you love the most this semester? What film did you hate the most? What do you want to express?

Your contribution to the zine can take any form you want, as long as it can be printed out, cut up, and glued into a zine template. As always, I encourage you to think creatively about what you want to make.

To our “final exam” zine-making party, please bring a printed copy of your final zine contribution, plus any collage supplies (magazines, copies of artwork, etc) that you might want to incorporate into our final zine. We’ll have a cut and paste party, then copy the zine and staple it together. You’ll leave with your own copy of our full zine!