Queer Lewks

Queer Lewks #

Venus Xtravaganza models in this still from Paris is Burning.

When they’re undetectable and they can walk out of that ballroom into the sunlight and onto the subway and get home, and still have all their clothes and no blood running off their bodies–those are the femme realness queens… and usually its a category for young queens.

–Dorian Corey in Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning is the only documentary we are watching this semester, although The Watermelon Woman used elements of documentary filmmaking in its fictional metanarrative.

Theorize why documentary might be a genre that appeals to queer storytellers telling queer stories. You should refer to either of this week’s readings in your response.

Zine contribution by Hayley #

Page 1 of Hayley’s zine

Page 2 of Hayley’s zine